Shiatsu massage app

What is Shiatsu massage app?

Shiatsu massage app ‐Asian Health‐ introduces the pressure points specific to a wide range of symptoms, together with their stimulation method.

Heal yourself in Shiatsu therapy

You can use the Shiatsu massage app anywhere in a short period of time.

How to use Shiatsu massage app

This app will show you acupuncture points. You can choose the pressure point from list according to the symptoms.

benefits of shiatsu massage
List of symptoms

Toothache / Strained back / Motion sickness / Diarrhea / Hangover / Lightheadedness / Tinnitus / overeating / Stiff neck / Headache / Eyestrain / Cholyl neck / stomatitis / common cold / Sinus congestion / Stress / Motivation / Sleepiness / Sleepless / Beautiful skin / Face line / Sensitivity to cold / Constipation / Diet / Low back pain

List of Courses

Outdoor Course / Computer Fatigue Course / Lighten up Course / Diet Course / Do not eat too much Course / Beautiful skin Course…etc